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The Book of Enoch

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book of enoch

“Book of Enoch”

The Book of Enoch is a primordial Jewish text, and one of the banned Bible books, that was alleged to have been written by Enoch, the great great grandfather of Noah. The older sections of the text have been carbon dated to three hundred BC. The books language itself has been a question of debate with many scholars, however; most believe that half the text was written in Aramaic and the other half in Hebrew. The first section of the book describes the plight of the Watchers, the angel fathers of the Nephilim while the other four parts describe Enoch’s many visits to heaven in various forms.


The Book of Enoch is separated into five different sections. The first section, known as the Book of Watchers, is all about the Watchers; the angel fathers of the Nephilim. The book describes in detail how God came to Earth on Mount Sinai to pass his judgments upon mankind.  The book also depicts the story of the interactions between the fallen angels and man and how the Nephilim or giants came to be. The final part of the Book of Watchers describes how under the tutelage Azazeal, man learned how to use tools and weapons such as swords, knives, breastplates, shields, ornaments, and bracelets and the ability to decorate the human form.


The Remaining four parts of the Book of Enoch

The other four parts of the Book of Enoch, known as the Astronomical Book, the Book of Parables of Enoch, the Book of Dream Visions, and the Epistle of Enoch all describe the travels of Enoch, in various forms, to heaven.

The Book of Parable of Enoch was written during the first century BC and is based on the Book of Watchers but provides a different variation on the final judgment.

The Astronomical Book from the Book of Enoch was found at Qumran and has been carbon dated to the beginning of the second century BC. The book details the heavenly movements in the sky as presented to Enoch in the form of knowledge during one of his many trips to heaven which were guided by Uriel. The book also describes a version of a solar calendar that was later referred to in the Book of Jubilees and used by the Dead Sea sect. The solar calendar depicted a year as three hundred and sixty four days that were separated in four equal parts at ninety one days each.

book of Enoch

Book of Enoch “Dreams”

The Dream Visions is the fourth part of the Book of Enoch and contained within a detailed history of Israel all the way up to the point of the Maccabean Revolt between 167 and 160 BC. The Maccabean Revolt was a conflict between a rebel group known as the Maccabees and the Selucid Empire. The Dream Visions has been dated between 163 and 142 BC. The interesting fact about the Dream Visions is that animals are used to represent human beings and human beings are used to represent angels.

book of enoch

Book of Enoch

The final chapter of the book of Enoch

The Epistle of Epoch is the final chapter of the Book of Enoch and has been dated between 170 BC and the first century BC. The Epistle of Enoch can be separated into five sub sections of its own. The five sub sections are the Apocalypse of Weeks, Exhortation, Epistle, the Birth of Noah, and the Conclusion. The Apocalypse of Weeks details the history of the world and future events. Exhortation is a short list compiled by Enoch for his son Methuselah. Epistle details the wisdom of the lord; the rewards for the just and the punishments for the evil. The Epistle seems to be divided into two sub sections, a proto-epistle and a later part that explains the personal responsibility of each individual. The Birth of Noah describes the deluge of Noah who was born with the appearance of an angel. The conclusion is the final part of the Epistle of Enoch and is all about the generation of light as they opposed sinners who were destined to darkness.

book of enoch

Book of Enoch



Although many argue as to why the Book of Enoch was banned from the Bible, the most common hypothesis is that the text contained prophecies that related to Jesus Christ. Only two Christian churches, Eritrean Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church consider the Book of Enoch to be scripture. The Book of Enoch details many events that can be found in the Bible and offers a unique view on each and every event detailed within. Since the book of Enoch is separated into five sub sections, it provides for an easy read that will be sure to delight.

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