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Banned from the Bible-The Banned Books of the Bible

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Banned from the Bible-The banned books of the Bible

banned from the Bible

Banned books of the Bible

Banned from the Bible

The Banned Books of the Bible-The Controversial and Provocative Gospels

Welcome to BannedfromtheBible.org. Here you will read about the banned books of the Bible in all their controversial and provocative form. Banned from the bible is also a well known television program that originally aired on the History channel as Time Machine: Banned from the Bible in 2003 and still airs from time to time. The ancient books that did not become part of the biblical canon are discussed in Banned from the Bible. The series was continued with Banned from the Bible II in 2007 which is also aired from time to time. In 2008 PBS aired the documentary, “The Bible’s Buried Secrets”. 

The banned books of the Bible that were included in the History channel documentary were The life of Adam and Eve, The Book of Enoch, The book of Jubilees, The infancy Gospel of Thomas, Proto-Gospel of James, The Gnostic Scriptures of Nag Hammadi, The Gospel of Mary, The Gospel of Nicodemus, The Apocalypse of Peter, and Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter. You can view these banned books of the Bible in their entirety by viewing your choice of those listed above.

There are several other banned books of the Bible that will be covered on this site in addition to those on the History channel series. Below is a preview of the banned books of the Bible.

Banned from the Bible

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The Bible is the most recognizable and best sold book in the history of the world. Within its covers, the Bible contains a unique and intricate collection of canonical texts written throughout early Christian times that are considered sacred by both Christians and Jews alike.  The texts compiled within the pages of the Bible are exotic, prolific, and awe inspiring. The morals found in the Bible stories can be used in everyday life, even today. Along with morals, the Bible texts contain passages on the history of the world, wisdom for everyday life, sacred laws, and texts on multiple prophets. The Bible offers a variety of reasons for a person to become engulfed in its pages which is why it is the most renowned book in history. As great as the Bible and the stories within are, what happens when stories that should be in the Bible are considered to be taboo by the church? Many are all too familiar with the Bible, but only a small handful of people today are aware of the fact that there are multiple texts written where this actually occurred. The books where this occurred are known as the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Mary, the Book of Susanna, the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Judith.

Here are some Banned books of the Bible

THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS-Banned from the Bible

The Gospel of Judas is all about the conversations between Jesus Christ and the apostle Judas Iscariot. The Gospel of Judas provides an excellent and hard to find example of how Jesus Christ interacted with his closest allies. The teachings of Jesus Christ are a main focus in the Book of Judas and provide a unique and interesting perspective on how Jesus Christ used his apostles to maximize his efforts in spreading the faith. The Book of Judas was considered an apocryphal text by the Roman Catholic Church for the fact that it portrayed Judas Iscariot as a decent and honorable man. Judas, according to the Gospel of Judas, acted upon orders from Jesus
Christ himself and helped free Jesus from his spiritual prison. The Book of Judas proclaims that Jesus had actually planned the events that led up to his infamous and historical crucifixion. This highlights this Gospel that was banned from the Bible. The complete version is the Gospel of Judas

Banned from the Bible

“Gospel of Mary-banned from the Bible”

THE GOSPEL OF MARY-Banned from the Bible

The Gospel of Mary is the second of the banned Bible books and has been carbon dated between 1800 and 120 AD. The Gospel of Mary turns its attention towards the direct relations between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. As the writings tell, Mary was Jesus’ most trusted concubine and the other apostles despised her for it. In the Gospel of Mary, Jesus reminds his apostles that the inner self is comprised of spirit, soul, and mind and ultimate salvation comes from within each and every person. The reason the Gospel of Mary is considered an apocryphal text is for the reason that within the text, Jesus shares secret knowledge with Mary Magdalene that he would not share with his male apostles. This highlights this Gospel that was banned from the Bible. The complete version is the  Gospel of Mary

THE BOOK OF SUSANNA-Banned from the Bible

The Book of Susanna is another apocryphal text that depicts the story of a beautiful townswoman who is confronted by two lustful town elders. When the elders see Susanna bathing alone, they confront her and tell her she must give herself to them. Susanna is put in a tough spot as she knows adultery will lead to death and decides her only option is to report the situation to the town judges. Upon the completion of a thorough investigation, the two elders were found to have violated Jewish sacred laws and executed for their sins. The book is considered an apocryphal text since its original text was Greek and not Hebrew as was the Book of Daniel in which the story is Susanna is referred to. This highlights this Gospel that was banned from the Bible. The complete version is the Book of Susanna

THE BOOK OF ENOCH-Banned from the Bible

The Book of Enoch is yet another banned book of the banned books of the Bible that describes in detail, the many visits to heaven taken by Enoch in various forms. The Book of Enoch itself is separated into five separate sections, the Book of Watchers, the Book of Parables of Enoch, the Astronomical Book, the Book of Dream Visions, and the Epistle of Enoch. Each section of the Book of Enoch has its own unique take on early Christian history and offers some interesting concepts that have been used throughout time. Although there are various reasons the Book of Enoch may have been classified as an apocryphal text, many scholars believe that it was the detailed portrayal of the fallen angels, or watchers,which ultimately caused the text to be stripped of its canonicity. This highlights this Gospel that was banned from the Bible. The complete version is the Book of Enoch

THE BOOK OF JUDITH-Banned from the Bible

Banned from the Bible


The book of Judith is an intricate and epic portrayal of how a young and beautiful woman named Judith single handedly saved the young Jewish nation from assured defeat at the hands of the Assyrians. The Book of Judith focuses on Judith and her belief that faith in God and the sacred laws he passed on to the Jewish people would save them from any dangers they may face. When Holofernes, Nebuchadnezzar’s most trusted General, attacks the Jewish nation with an Army of one hundred and thirty two thousand men, Judith devises a most cunning plan that saves the Jews from utter oblivion The Book of Judith is beautifully written and details an extraordinary tale of courage, cunning, heroism but due to its exclusion from the Old Testament, the Book of Judith was never canonized by the Jewish or Protestant churches. It remains banned from the Bible. The complete version is the Book of Judith.


The Bible itself, both Old and New Testaments, include a great deal of marvelous stories and tales that have lasted throughout the ages and brought about the most followed religion of all time. While most everyone has heard of and read the Bible, it is the uncommon apocryphal texts that were banned from publication, that provide the most unique and intriguing perspective into early Christianity. Although each book had its own reasons for not being canonized, and referred to as the banned books of the Bible, the books provide an exceptional view on stories within the Bible and stories that had not been read before. Even the most stout Atheists will be able to find merit in the sheer elegance of the banned books of the Bible texts that were banned from the Bible.

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